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“Terri has been an amazing asset to my pet sitting business. Her genuine love for animals was obvious upon our first meeting and was proven time and again as she always went above and beyond for any animal under her care. Her clients (both furry and human) just loved her and asked for her personally whenever they booked service. For her, pet sitting isn’t a “job”, but something she truly enjoys and loves doing every day. She’s willing to work weeks on end without a day off when she’s needed. Terri also took on the responsibility of running the business as a whole and managing my other employees whenever I needed to be away from the office. Terri has taken care of my own dog many times, and both he and I will miss her greatly. I could not ask for a better pet sitter for Max, or a better employee to entrust the care of my clients’ pets and homes. We are all very sad to see her go, but wish her all the best with America’s Pet Pals, Inc. and all the new furry friends she’s going to make.” Jaime Breit (440) 895-1919

jack “Terri cared for my “4 legged baby” named Jack, and we just loved her. She was professional, courteous, enthusiastic and trustworthy. I never had to worry about Jack’s security during his walks or anything personal. confidential or valuable being disturbed in my home. She loves animals and takes a personal interest in the animals she cares for. She and Jack truly bonded. She became more than a pet sitter and we consider her to be a close family friend! I highly recommend her!” Tanja (Jack’s Mom) Pictured Left

jack “Terri provided very loving and attentive care to Jack and Eddy before her move to North Carolina. They had so much fun during her visits. . .nice long walks, playtime and hugs & kisses. I always enjoyed the notes she wrote about their exploits. Terri was also very good about bringing anything out of the ordinary to my attention. We all miss her!” Ginny (Jack & Eddy’s Mom) Pictured Right

jack “Good luck on your new venture, Terri! I know that you shared my feeling that in a way Otis is a very special animal. Please feel free to use me as a reference as I am sure that anyone who engages your services will be delighted with your efforts and your very special feel for their pets!” Richard (Otis’ Dad) Pictured Left

“The care Dakota, Calie & Gaia received was wonderful. You started sitting for Dakota when we first got her and she always looked forward to your visits. We always knew that the animals were very safe and happy when you cared for them. You even got Calie to come out of her shell and let you pet her, and she’s very nervous around anyone except for us. You always gave us more than what we pay for each visit.” Cheryl (Dakota, Calie & Gaia’s Mom) Pictured Below


“Terri’s care of our dogs was always outstanding. It was very comforting to not to have to worry or be concerned about the dogs, and the dogs loved their time together. Terri’s professionalism and loyalty to them was very much appreciated. Dave (Taxi & Timber’s Dad) Pictured Below



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